International Climate Engagement

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Want to make sense of how Australia engages with the international community on climate change?


Click on the below links to watch the videos, listen to the audio-only versions, or view the PowerPoint presentations. The PowerPoint presentations includes 'Notes', and audio - we recommend you open the .pptx files, select the 'Slide Show' tab and play them from the start.

Australia's Contributions to International Climate Action

Contributions to Climate Action - Peter Onorato - Internet Tile for video

This presentation unpacks the confusing array of acronyms and highlights the breadth of Australia's contributions to climate action. 

Watch the video | Listen to the audio-only version | View the PowerPoint Presentation 

Multilateral Climate Action - 14 mins

Multilateral Climate Action - Alexandria Rantino - Internet Tile for video

Watch the videoListen to the audio-only version | View the PowerPoint Presentation 

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