Diplomatic Academy Open for Training

Academy open for essential training
02 November 2021
Training is again taking place at the Diplomatic Academy - both virtual, and face-to-face (for essential training).

Training before 1 December can only be held at the Academy if:

  • The course is essential: and
  • It cannot be conducted adequately remotely; and
  • It complies with density restrictions.

Arrangements for training to be held after 1 December will be updated based on evolving advice from ACT Health.

You may continue to contact the Academy through the Diplomatic Academy mailbox at diplomaticacademy@dfat.gov.au.

If you are attending training at the Diplomatic Academy Facility, you are required to:

  1. Stay at home if feeling unwell.
  2. Check in with the ‘Check in CBR’ app on arrival.
  3. Wear a face mask. This is currently an ACT Government requirement.
  4. Bring your own pen to all learning sessions.
  5. Use the hand sanitiser stations located in all rooms and around the Diplomatic Academy.
  6. Sign in at each training session on the form located in the training room. This is to ensure attendance at the course is recorded.
  7. Comply with 1.5 metres of social distancing, including no handshaking on introduction.

Attendees are encouraged to:

  1. Download the COVIDSafe App.
  2. Bring your own face mask, water bottle and reusable tea/coffee cup.