Corporate Services

Corporate Services Faculty image - photo of lady pointing with corporate words around a translucent world globe
Jo Talbot
Jo Talbot

FAS, Chief People Officer

Matthew Smorhun
Mathew Smorhun

FAS, Chief Information Officer

Head shot of Murali Venugopal
Murali Venugopal

FAS, Chief Financial Officer

Head shot of Minoli Perera
Minoli Perera

FAS, Chief Security Officer

Head shot of Suzanne Pitson
Suzanne Pitson

ED, Overseas Property Office & Services

Learning Streams

  • Accounting, Finance, Policy & Budget Processes
  • Business Management & Support
  • ICT, Communications & Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement & Contract Management
  • Records Management
  • Risk Management, Fraud & Child Protection
  • Security

About the Faculty

The Corporate Services Faculty focuses on developing enterprise-wide skills and capabilities to underpin the frameworks and support services vital to DFAT's business. The Faculty draws together a large and complex range of operational training needs and manages a curriculum that addresses the Department's changing and evolving business requirements.