Learning Programs & Events

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Our Curriculum

The Diplomatic Academy offers programs at the foundation, practitioner and expert learning levels and covers all areas of DFAT's work, including foreign and strategic policy, international development, economic diplomacy, and trade and investment.

The Diplomatic Academy is pleased to be able to offer a range of programs to officials from across the Australian Public Service.

Some of our popular courses include:

  • Australian Trade Policy
  • Business Literacy and Engagement
  • Diplomatic Tradecraft Essentials
  • Economics of Development
  • Economics for Non-Economists
  • Intercultural Effectiveness
  • International Policy and Tradecraft
  • Introduction to AUKUS
  • Islamic Awareness
  • Understanding Australian Foreign Policy
  • Understanding Indigenous Australia
  • Working as a Multilateral Diplomat

To learn more about our currently available courses, create an account and log into our Learning Management system, Lumi, with your “.gov.au” email address.

You can take a look at our 3-month calendar via these links:

You will need a Lumi account to view more information about the courses.

Learning levels

We offer courses at the Foundation, Practitioner, and Expert levels. Learners can choose courses at the appropriate level for their needs.

Enrol in DFAT Courses

You can enrol in out courses through our Learning Management system, Lumi, with your “.gov.au” email address.

Learn more about how to Register, Login and Navigate Lumi.

Additional resources

In addition to our courses, we provide some free resources to help APS staff representing Australia overseas.

Our Climate Change, Energy and the Environment Toolkit provides information to help you understand the climate change, energy and environmental challenges facing Australia and the Indo-Pacific, across:

  • adaptation and resilience
  • climate change and development
  • climate science
  • energy, emissions & economic diplomacy
  • the environment
  • international climate engagement.