Lumi - DFAT's Learning Management System

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DFAT's Learning Portal - Lumi 

DFAT's new Learning Management System (LMS), managed by the Diplomatic Academy, was launched on 23 February 2022. Lumi allows DFAT staff (A-based and LES) and external learning participants (such as other APS agency staff, service providers, DFAT partners) to access learning content, and register and pay (where applicable) for learning registrations.

Lumi provides a range of features including:

  • A catalogue displaying all available learning sessions, videos and resources;
  • A calendar listing all scheduled live learning: face-to-face and face-to-screen (e.g. via WebEx);
  • search feature with filters for faculties, learning streams and more; 
  • training history which will show your enrolments, completions and assigned learning; and
  • payment gateway to enable secure credit card payments.

Accessing Lumi

APS officers can register for a Lumi account using their "" email address and the system will automatically authenticate you. You can then add a personal email address to access Lumi outside your agencies' network.

These support guides will assist you to login to Lumi. Soon we'll add additional support guides to Lumi (under the Resources tab) but we hope you find the system as intuitive as we do!

Logging into Lumi

The first time you login to Lumi, you need to be logged into your agencies' network. This is so you can create an account using your "" email account, and receive the Two Factor Authentication email to verify you're an APS employee.

Support Guide: Register, Login & Navigate Lumi [docx 674KB] | [pdf 428KB]

*NOTE: If you need to register using a email address, please provide detailed information in the registration form for your reason for registering and a DFAT contact who can verify your need for a Lumi account.

Logging into Lumi using a Personal Device

You can login to Lumi from a stand-alone personal device – that is, a personal device such as a laptop or mobile phone with an Internet connection but NOT logged into your agencies' network via remote access or any other means.

To login to Lumi from a stand-alone personal device, you need to have first registered a Lumi account, logged into Lumi on your agencies' network, set up a secondary email AND created a Lumi password (so you can receive Two-Factor Authentication emails when logging on via your personal device).

A couple of other tips to help:

  • Make sure the secondary email account is one you can access from your personal device so you can receive the Two-Factor Authentication emails.
  • For security reasons, your password must be changed within 20 minutes of receiving the email.
  • DO NOT use your agency network password when creating your Lumi password.
  • Check that emails from Lumi don’t end up in your Junk/Spam mail folders (both for your agency email account and your secondary email account).
  • Once you've set everything up and next login, do NOT enter your secondary email address to login as this is only being used to receive Two-Factor Authentication emails (and other notifications) to enable you to login while you are unable to access your '' emails.

Support Guide: Login to Lumi using a Personal Device [docx 297KB] | [pdf 387KB]


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