Lumi - DFAT's Learning Management System

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DFAT's Learning Portal - Lumi 

DFAT's learning content is hosted on Lumi, our learning management system.

All APS officers can access Lumi using their "" email address.

Accessing Lumi

APS officers can register for a Lumi account using their  "" email address.

You can then also add a personal email address if you would like to access Lumi outside your agency's network.

Logging in to Lumi

The first time you log in to Lumi ( you will need to be logged in to your agency's network.

You can create an account using your "" email address, and you will receive the Two Factor Authentication email to verify you're an APS employee.

Read our Register, Login and Navigate Lumi Support Guide [docx 674KB] | [pdf 428KB] for more detailed instructions.

NOTE: If you need to register using a email address, please provide detailed information in the registration form for your reason for registering and a DFAT contact who can verify your need for a Lumi account.

Logging into Lumi using a Personal Device

You can login to Lumi from a stand-alone personal device that is not logged into your agency's network.

To do so, you need to have first registered a Lumi account, logged into Lumi on your agency's network, set up a secondary email and created a Lumi password.

Read our Login to Lumi using a Personal Device Support Guide [docx 297KB] | [pdf 387KB] for more detailed instructions.

Need further assistance?

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