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16 January 2023
View our 2023 Lunchtime Language Discussion Group and Language Immersion Course timetables.

The Diplomatic Academy supports APS staff to maintain their language skills through our weekly Language Discussion Groups and 1-3 day Language Immersion Courses.

We offer one-hour Lunchtime Discussion Groups for 24 different languages, from Mandarin and Indonesian to Farsi and Tetum.

Each group is set at a specific level, so you can join one suited to your current proficiency.

These groups are designed to help Australian Government officials to maintain their language skills and ability to discuss work-related topics.

Our discussion groups are held online to enable staff from other agencies, those located in other states and territories and overseas to attend.

Take a look at the new 2023 Language Lunchtime Discussion Group Timetable to see which group you should join, and the different languages available.

If you’re not sure which level of Discussion Group is for you, tutors can suggest the appropriate level at your first meeting.

Language Immersion Courses

In addition to our discussion groups, we run 1-3 day Language Immersion Courses for a more intensive language maintenance alternative.

View the 2023 Language Immersion Course timetable now.

More info

Visit our Language faculty page to learn more.