Trade, Investment & Economic Diplomacy

Trade, Investment and Economic Diplomacy Faculty image - image of black silhouette of business people sitting around a table, in front of screen showing world map with graphs and arrows
James Baxter
James Baxter

FAS, Office of Trade Negotiations

Ravi Kewalram headshot
Ravi Kewalram

Chief Negotiator and FAS, Free Trade Agreements and Stakeholder Engagement

Helen Stylianou
Helen Stylianou

FAS, Trade Investment & Business Engagement Division

David Woods headshot
David Woods

Chief Economist and FAS, International Economics and Green Economy Division

Learning Streams

  • Economic
  • Economic Diplomacy
  • Investment
  • Trade (General, WTOs and FTAs)
  • Trade Law

About the Faculty

The Trade, Investment and Economic Development Faculty develops the capabilities and skills of trade negotiators and trade and economic practitioners/experts. It mainstreams understanding of economic diplomacy, trade policy and investment issues across DFAT. It also enhances global business and economic literacy among DFAT staff.