Learn how to maximise Australia’s interests in multilateral forums

International Policy and Strategies Faculty image - UN photo by Eskinder Debebe of 2 men sitting at the UN table with signs in front that read 'President' and 'Australia'
05 April 2023
Attend our Working as a Multilateral Diplomat online course to learn the skills needed to achieve outcomes in multilateral settings.

Australia works to influence global rules and governance through our participation in a wide range of multilateral forums, including the United Nations, the World Trade organisation, ASEAN and the Pacific Islands Forum to name a few.

As an official representing Australia’s interests internationally, you need to know how to operate in multilateral settings to develop effective relationships and wield influence.

International multilateral organisations and negotiations have specific rules and nuances, our Working as a Multilateral Diplomat online course is designed to teach you to how to thrive and deliver in these unique settings.

Attend our 4-week, interactive course to gain a better understanding of Australia’s global governance priorities and discover the diplomatic tools at your disposal to deliver strong outcomes for Australia in multilateral meetings and negotiations.

The course is facilitated by experienced multilateral diplomats, you will develop the knowledge and skills needed for effective multilateral engagement, including expanding your range of tools to pursue Australian policy priorities through multilateral processes and institutions.

You will develop multilateral tradecraft skills including:

  • drafting instructions
  • delivering compelling interventions
  • analysing multilateral texts against Australia’s interests
  • designing advocacy strategies
  • understanding the theatre, strategies and rules of multilateral negotiations.

This course is self-paced and requires approximately 4-6 hours of study per week.


Course details – Working as a Multilateral Diplomat

Dates: Monday 24 April – Sunday 21 May

Delivery method: Online (MOOC), self-paced

Study commitment: Approx 4–6 hours per week

Audience: APS officials preparing for multilateral postings or negotiations

Cost: $640

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If you have any questions about our Working as a Multilateral Diplomat course, email the Diplomatic Academy team.